Horigan Professional Services Marketing is now registered as an accredited Growth Voucher Adviser

Under the Growth Voucher initiative, up to 20,000 UK small businesses will be eligible to receive £2,000 worth of business support and advice through a central marketplace, of which Horigan Professional Services Marketing is an approved adviser.

What is the value of the Voucher?

Growth Vouchers are available up to a value of £2,000, and they will cover 50 per cent of the total spend. This means the government will match your spend up to £2,000.

How does the scheme work?

The £30m scheme is part of a government experiment to find out the impact of advice on small business growth. Growth Vouchers are worth up to £2,000 and must be match-funded by the small business. Successful applicants will be chosen at random.

Small firms can get help on any of the following topics: finance and

cash flow; recruiting and developing staff; improving leadership and management skills; marketing, attracting and keeping customers; or making the most of digital technology.

Horigan Professional Services Marketing has been approved as a Growth Voucher Adviser for marketing, attracting and keeping customers.

Tom Horigan, Founder and Managing Director said: "

What type of advice can a Growth Voucher be used for?

  • Managing finances
  • Developing skills and taking on staff
  • Improving leadership and management
  • Professional services marketing, attracting and retaining clients
  • Making the most of digital technology

How do you obtain a growth voucher?

You can now apply for a Growth Voucher online, at the government's Growth Voucher hub.

Who is eligible to receive a growth voucher?

The Growth Vouchers programme is available to small businesses in England who are actively selling goods and/or services, have a turnover no greater than £45m, own 75% or more of their business, and have 250 employees or less. (full terms and conditions here).

Apply now for a £2,000 government Growth Voucher.